SATURDAY Aug 18: Bryan Eubanks, Cat Lamb, Wilhelm Matthies, Noxroy


NOXROY (Empire, WI)

Bryan Eubanks (b. 1977, WA.) is a musician focused on collaborative improvisation, solo musical projects, and generative sound installations. Primarily active within the traditions of experimental and live electronic music, he works with unstable instruments of his own design that incorporate open-circuits, samplers, radio transmission, feedback, digital synthesis, the soprano saxophone, and other acoustic instruments. His compositions and installations involve practical research into computer music, generative composition, electronics, and sound localization in an effort to bring into being situations that examine transformations in the perception of sonic space/time.

Catherine Lamb (b. 1982, Olympia, WA.) is a composer/violist exploring sound through intimate ensembles and solo work. She is interested in microscopic color variances in (mostly) narrow bands, often with an ever-opening form. She is interested in the elemental/spectral interaction between tones and their shadows, between beings. She works with the phenomenological dimensions of quiet perceptual/sensual layers moving in and out of presence, as a being moving in space.

Wilhelm Matthies, based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, focuses on developing homemade instruments blending ideas from various world instruments. The purpose is to open performance possibilities that tap into such histories yet reveal the newness of the instrument and the new performance situation. He is, at the same time, developing compositional strategies that both accommodate the non-standard tuning, sonic qualities and playing characteristics of these instruments, but also allow other players to participate with the musical intent using relatively standard instruments. The composed improvisations feature cyclical variations. This compositional strategy thus allows the music to be written, performed, edited and listened to on many metaphoric levels, but always dealing with aspects of the theme of eternal return orimpermanence.
Here’s a photo of his homemade instrument the “kokeka”:


Noxroy is the solo guise of All Tiny Creatures guitarist Andrew Fitzpatrick.