FRIDAY Aug 17: The Garza, Things Falling Apart, and Tyranny Is Tyranny

203475_294910350606583_1669335610_nThe Garza is Madison scene vets dishing out unrelenting heaviness: Nate Bush (ex-Droids Attack), Shawn Blackler (Bon Squad, ex-Brass Tacks, ex-Striking Irwin), Magma (ex-Pachinko, ex-Bongzilla).

Things Falling Apart (not to be confused with the Madison band of similar name) is from DeKalb. A collective noise-orchestra that smears post-rock from the perspective of Bitches Brew rather than Mogwai.

Tyranny Is Tyranny is a side project helmed

by Russell and Jason of The United Sons of Toil. Tyranny is simpler and heavier than USoT — more post-metal than post-hardcore. Like USoT, Tyranny is influenced by the 90s noiserock of Amphetamine Reptile but also draws inspiration from the post-rock/post-metal hybrids of bands like Cult of Luna and Fall of Efrafa. As hinted at by the titular homage to historian Howard Zinn, the lyrical themes are an excoriation of capitalism.